Thursday, April 26, 2012

homeschooling co-op & morning tidbits

naughty kitty brought this little lizard inside
while us co-op mamas were making lunch.
she let it go & i caught it & passed it around to the kiddies before we freed him.
the kiddies doing The Story of the World mapping after listening to the lesson.
the kiddies all worked together to create their own community called "Therryville". they really got into it & did good work.
handling the new co-op chicks for the 1st time
& erupting our papier mache volcano
a couple of pix of M doing her Presenters Club
projects in front of the group.

*our homeschooling co-op was cancelled again today
for the second Thursday in a row.
 i thought it would be fun to post a few tidbits.

getting back into the swing of things has been rough this week after being on spring break for two weeks & along with an abnormally crazy schedule.
 we LOVE our co-op but it being cancelled & us getting to stay home today is actually welcome.
i just finished my cup of coffee & am still sitting here in my jammies as i type.
the little brownsugars are out on a little mid-morning walk with the doggies.
the oldest brownsugar just rolled out of bed & is making herself breakfast.
we will get to math, history & our grammar project today
at some point though *yawn*.

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