Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Medieval Festival

March 30th our homeschooling co-op
put on an amazing Medieval Festival. 
it was such a fantastic living history day with so much going on, but i tried to spare too many pix, so this post doesn't near do the event justice.  
peasant mama with my knight & fair maidens.
the peasant mamas worked hard behind the scenes cooking, cleaning help pull this eventful day off for the kiddies.

in one room we had a huge variety of educational info & activities.
the kiddies had their castles on display.
the Canterbury Players backstage before their performance of Scarborough Fair.
K during her first ever & solo guitar performance.
we decorated the room (garage) & banquet tables the day before.
the paper maiche center pieces were made by one of the moms.
even the huge hippogryph (in front of the table) that was the size of me, was made out of papier mache.
after morning activities
& the performances we had a Medieval 12 course meal:
(not in order)
  1. leek soup
  2. biscuits
  3. quiche
  4. meat pies
  5. boiled carrots
  6. sausages
  7. salmon
  8. salad
  9. chicken
  10. cheese plate
  11. pizza
  12. cheesecake
these pix are completely out of sequence because they happened before everything else...BUT blogger is being evil.
we had a live hawk that hunted named Tony of course.
 a real life knight & squire who were full of educational info & demos for the kiddies.
after the knight & his squire showed the process of suiting up in a knights suit of (authentic!)amour they had an exciting sword fight.
each of the kiddies got a chance.

* so thankful that our co-op has such great families that are super dedicated...which makes events like this so super amazing!

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