Monday, April 23, 2012

{unplugged sunday}

this weekend we decided to re-start {unplugged sunday}.
(thanks to my friend amy for re-inspiring me)
we began when the idea 1st started & kinda lost our groove when football season & working weekends started.
it was kinda a rough start because my fantastically wonderful hubby surprised me with a new ipad 3 the night before!
he couldn't resist playing with it Sunday morning for a bit, but i had to stick to my guns! 

the youngest brownsugar made up her own top secret cake recipe, baked it & served it for breakfast with eggs, turkey bacon, fresh strawberries & lots of frosting!
she & her friend Lucy went on their own mini hike thru the "Enchanted Organic Veggie Forest"
(that i didn't get around to planting in the garden this weekend)

after our congregation meeting we rushed home for lunch, a quick change, grabbed adventure-loving-water-obsessed doggie Mahalo *happy girl* 
& headed out on a local hike & to do some fishing.
we started doing family hikes at new local locations every weekend (like this one),
but He has been working on a project out of town on weekends for the last few months. 
we love being outdoors surrounded by natural beauty & exploring. 
our area has so much natural beauty to offer & discover,
it was so great to get back out into it as a family.  
the only thing we caught was patience, long-suffering & quality time, but it was so worth it :)
the oldest brownsugar has fallen in love with cooking.
making me a very happy mama!
not only because we are sharing the love of cooking,
but it has been such a great help for me.
she eagerly volunteered to & made a lot of our meals last week.
she is building quite a recipe collection.
to end the night she made 
 she prepped it in the morning & all our tired bodies had to do was steam brocolli & pop the dish in the oven when we got home.
can't wait until next week...
already have the spot picked out!   

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