Monday, April 30, 2012

{unplugged sunday}

yesterday our {unplugged sunday} was pretty mellow.
during my morning cup of tea i got caught up on organizing my weeks to do lists, paper pile de-cluttering & finally got to look at a magazine issue i've been waiting to have time look at.
[can you tell what i'm thinking about?]

after our congregation meeting,
the brownsugars & i ran a few quick errands.
i picked up one of my fave Sunday treats:
a cup of my fave vanilla nut cream coffee & 2 Andes thin mints.
when we got home i sat down & finished up a few handwritten letters to get in the mail.

He had to go out of town for work Sunday so no family hike.
everyone was beat from doing MAJOR farm chores the day before & getting ready for the outdoor season so no one really minded not hiking anyway.
we did some rock art instead.
the finished ones came out super cute.
after a dinner of leftovers
i snuggle up with my book & my girl.
i've been reading this book for months
& cannot seem to finish it!
each time i read it, it seems to get longer.
part of the problem is i am really not enjoying the book AT ALL
& am super anxious to finish it.
i promised myself i'd stick with it.
i should be done with it in a day or two.
i'm already thinking about my next read
hmmm...maybe Hunger Games finally.
*whew! i lost this post & luckily found it in my e-mail, so i was able to copy & paste. it's slightly different from the original post, but at least retrieving it calmed me down a little!!! Blogger better work out these new format glitches & BE NICE TO ME!!!

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