Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{unplugged sunday}

the night before {unplugged sunday}
He & i hired a sitter & headed to Mission Bay to meet old friends (like middle school old).
OMG we had a B L A S T!!!
the bar's dj started off with a Beastie Boys tribute
& i rocked the dancefloor for the night (like i do)! 

{unplugged sunday}
our sweet brownsugars set us a special breakfast service complete with instructions & place cards.
farm fresh eggs, fruit & fresh squeezed orange juice along with turkey bacon & pastries.
before He had to leave for work after :(


the brownsugars decided to make their own music
& i decided that since i could still hear it...
i would enjoy their lovely music outside in the sunshine ;)
a few days before, i forced myself to finally finished the other horrible book i was reading
so i FINALLY introduced myself to Katniss Everdeen.
my last pic before the...

the brownsugars & i were gathering fallen avocados in our grove &
W H A M!
i got bit by a black widow!
long story short...
i got lucky with my symptoms & wasn't as severe as most bites.
i was able to stay home & monitor it with the help of neighbors, a doctor in the family & poison control checking in on me. 
thankfully i am back to happy now.

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