Thursday, May 24, 2012

thrifting{write your own story}

before we left on our trip
i mentioned that i found some fun thrited finds.
i was super excited to find this "write your own story" mug!
i love the inspiration in this saying, the vintage typewriter, the whole thing!
i saw one i wanted exactly like it on Pinterest for @$15. 
 i found this one in great condition
at my fave thrift store for 50 cents!!!
ironically, below it is my tweet from last Thursday.
today makes 2 weeks coffee free.
it really hasn't been that bad.
 i do miss the taste,
but i'm not constantly day dreaming about it anymore.
i'm more focused & i'm no longer constantly fatigued & jittery.
i usually only drink one small cup of coffee a day in the cooler months & stop drinking it in the warmer weather 
so the timing is perfect actually.
a while ago i started having super sharp chest pains around my heart when i drank coffee & no clue why.
 i thought it went away, but the Thursday before this tweet i had an episode that was so painful it lasted 3 days with me in agony couch.
so no coffee in my new perfectly perfect thrifted mug
but tea is still my friend so im good & i love it.
especially the perfect vanilla chai latte

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