Tuesday, May 29, 2012


my Monday was super fantastic!
the brownsugars went fishing with their Dad
& i spent a much needed day with myself!
i took myself to lunch at my fave Chipotle
& had a fab non-fat vanilla chai latte.
i layered up my new wrap bracelet i mentioned here
& wore it for the 1st time.
beachy & earthy happy little bursts of color
I LOVE IT & plan wear it all summer in different ways!
i also treated myself to a few new art supplies
& a Jack Johnson Kokua Festival CD
{perfect beachy music choice...LOVE}.
next i navigated thru Carlsbad (on Memorial Day mind you!)
to a beautiful new-to-me beach hidden behind cliffs. 
(not sure of the actual name but
someone called it the Carlsbad Cliffs).
i didn't hike all the way down to the water, 
 i decided to sit on top of the cliffs instead
& observe from a new perspective. 
i spent hours.
a few people & their dogs walked thru the trails.
peopled climbed the rocks.
surfers surfed in the water below.
i sat in the sun quietly watching.
i wrote & drew a little.
i read a bit more of The Hunger Games,
but then dolphins started swimming & playing in the water.
i have watched them play in the water from the shore before,
but never high on a cliff...in the glistening sun.
but the dolphins did it...my eyes would not go back to the book.
it has been way too long
& i've been desperately missing the beach.
this one visit was all it took to find my center,
restore my balance & soothe my soul.
i have always dearly & deeply loved the beach
...thank God somethings never change. 

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