Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mama's big baby {FOREVER}

we are back home from our trip
 later than we planned.
tired & i'm already going thru family
but it's good to be home.

ok so look what happened to my baby brownsugar while we were away.
she has been wanting her ears pierced for a couple of years,
but she chickened out every time.
my mama & my sister took the other two brownsugars
when they asked for their ears to be pierced
 because i just couldn't.
but this time my mama took her & i was there.
she & i both did good. 
both of us were big girls & neither of us had tears ;)
so proud...she will not stop talking about it all.
she looks so stinkin' cute in her little Hello Kitty earrings.
maybe i should stop calling her my baby now...
{eventhough she forever will be}


  1. Aw, congrats to her. She looks so happy.

    1. Oh my goodies thank you! She is sooo super excited!