Tuesday, May 15, 2012

all i can think about...

according to our homeschool charters
we technically have about 3 weeks left of school
& it is killing me.
all we can think about is the beach, camping, outdoors,
freedom, hanging out, etc...
so for the next 3 technical homeschool weeks we are pushing on with math,
lots of learning projects & creativity (aka no books!)
& tying up loose ends.
which is also loosely our plan for summer schooling.
summer....bring it on!

*ps usually i shut my homeschooling brain off the last day of school & don't even think about homeschooling until the exact last minute right before the beginning of the next school year,
but this next year we will have a lot of changes (some very exciting) in our homeschool.
 & bc i will have an 8th grader (OMG),
i will have to interrupt my summer with more time researching & planning.
it's getting serious over here ;) 

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