Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i really miss...*sigh* {back home}

this trip back home was a fun one for us girlies!
unfortunately He had to work on getting our other house ready for new tenants. spared alot of pix but these are just a few highlights... 
life is ALWAYS better at Grammy's!
my mama loves taking the brownsugars shopping, spoiling them & doing all kinds of other impromptu & fun stuff with them (all day everyday!).
especially treating them with the stuff me,
their boring practical mama,
does not naturally gravitate towards purchasing.
she spoils me too (you should see my new cheetah print water cup ;)
she was just as fun as my mama too.
i really miss living near my mama. *sigh*
after dinner at Grandma's (His mama),
the cousins built a fort to eat root beer floats under.
(one missing little stinker ran out of the pic right
just as i was about to take it).
love childhood cousin moments like these.
i really miss living near cousins *sigh* 
my Gram, another cousin & the brownsugar.
Both of my Grams live within 30 minutes of my old house & the brownsugars & i spent a lot of time with both of them.
just sitting & listening.
i really miss living near both my Grams.*sigh*
my little nephew barely tolerating a pic with me.
(the same cute little stinker who ran out of the pic above).
me & my fat baby coco.
i got to hold them both *happy girl*
i really miss living near my nieces & nephews.*sigh*
Sal's is my abs fave restaurant in the world
& i MUST go every time i go back home.
this visit, along with my chicken enchilada verde dinner i had an Arnold Palmer & it's my new fave combo.
it was my Daddy's treat after going to his congregation meeting with him.
the same congregation i grew up in (loved seeing childhood friends!).
so far i haven't found anything even close to Sal's here in So Cal
but maybe im just partial.
i really miss living near my Daddy & my Sal's *sigh*
quiet morning moments like these at my mama's.
the brownsugars were super exhausted from constantly being on the go with my mama (she can neither stay still or home)
& staying up past 11 pm every night.
they slept in late every morning.
 i got to do my nails, sip my tea & catch up with Katniss & Peeta & even just sit there.
but in peace.
i miss living near my mama *sigh*

*PS Hubby's Dad also treated the brownsugars to a sweet little ice cream date. the pix would not load & i cannot go back & try it again (from my iphone to my pc) because it will wipe out this entire post.
we love him none the less...but i'm at the end of this post & am not starting over:(

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