Friday, April 20, 2012

dream come true [domino mag]

i am soooo super excited!
 my favie mag that was ever in print released a new issue! 
1. the new domino mag release & i just ran out & picked it up. (this is it on the check out belt).
2. my old domino mag collection from when it was in print years ago.
if i was the coveting kind...i'd totally covet my precious domino mag collection!
3 & 4. exciting sneak peeks! i'm already cozied up under a blanket on the couch with Stinky Little Brown Dog ready to savor each page!
* i have no clue what blogger is up to, but me no like-y & it's not working for me...thinking it's time for a change very soon.


  1. I have all of my old Domino magazines too...and I've already packed them for my next move.

    1. THANKS FOR JOINING ME ANNIE! I was beyond heart broken when domino went out of print! Good luck on your next move!