Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace Barnsale pt III

since some little person deleted my photos so this is the last of the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace barnsales posts. you can see part 1 & part 2 here. there are ALOT of photos, but i hope you find something you enjoy & a reason to visit  next time~

beautiful! must find this amazing rose for my garden

i  ordered one of these bubbles from mamma bellarte . can't wait, im going to pair it with a ribbon. i wish the rest of the photos of her amazing stuff didn't get deleted.

handmade pretty

more pretty! great garden idea

love these beachy colors together

i NEED my own spoon tag
 from The Tattered House. each tag is handcrafted from vintage silverware & can be customized 

i always love a pretty crown & vintage bliss had plenty (& other pretties that were deleted)

2 needed the pink & black one in her room

i can't wait to visit the next Chateau De Fleur Marketplace June 18th & 19th. hope you get the chance. if you are interested in becoming a vendor contact christie.

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