Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the new IT :: commander in chic

new popular polish color :: sally hansen's commander in chic have you tried it yet?  THE new color everyone is wearing. and as of today im now part of everyone. after seeing like the 50th in-the-know-trendy-chica wearing it... as not to be left out, i had to try it myself. it's a very interesting shade of grey, lavender, and putty. neutral enough to wear with everything, im thinking especially yellow. a 5-in-1 manicure in a bottle, the tapered brush makes polishing a dream.  i was worried about it and my skin tone, but i LOVE it! check it!

my new fave color holding my fave mug of chai

my new fave color holding my new fave mag freshHOME

ok so what do you think? what's your new fave color?

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