Friday, April 9, 2010

in order to fully ROCK, i need this beast!

i know i said im practical...but i'll change that to USUALLY. usually practical yes, BUT never boring! i LU-HUV this truck! im trying to convince Him it is perfect for me, but he cant really see the practicality i see. ok seriously :: when WOULDN'T one need the safari rack on top ? not to mention the double set of floodlights ? this beast is rugged enough for 3 kids, dogs, bikes, surfboards, hurricanes, tornadoes, the list goes on.  the orange itself makes it all the more visible.  i could go all the places im not supposed to with these well as safely up & over! i have a very long list of practical reasons i need this particular machine, but  the most practical reason  :: i would just look so hardcore while i ROCK! gas mileage :: BAAAAAH!!!!!

the need is obvious

check it freaking HOT i cant stand it!


this my friends is the rockin'awesome safari deck with many functional everyday uses.

 a happy wife = a happy life. i know deep down He wants nothing more than for his beautifully beloved wife to be truly, totally, and insanely happy...even if she's a smidge impractical and her gas mileage sucks.

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