Sunday, April 11, 2010

kahlua turns 9

i love me some LUDA! on march 12 our girl turned 9.  we currently have 3 dogs  (and have had countless others), but there is just something about our 1st ever family dog. this old friend holds THE most special doggie place in my heart. Lu has grown to become happy, patient, kind, loving  &  easy going. the all around perfect BFF. BUT those first 4 years WHEW! 

kahlua & kai the girls who started our whole family

quite the resemblance

are you thinking what im thinking ? FOOD! great idea!

life is good Lu. i hope i can still do this when im 63 

Lu & Bamm doing their fave thing...chasing scented bubbles. Lu has grown to like  laying there & catch the bubbles that fall around her...not so much chasing anymore. she'll chase a few, but i think only to amuse us

Lu is VERY food motivated...ok my girl, likes to eat! so the girls baked doggie treats for Lu. we made pumpkin peanut butter freezerballs and dog biscuits made only with good stuff  including  :: flaxseed, wheatgerm, garlic, vitamin E , a little sprinkle of cuteness and of course a lot of LOVE

looks yummy...tastes like garlic

its sad to see the  signs of age creeping up on my Lu mostly because i know the inevitable has to follow. despite my girl's age though,  she still a such  a young spry dog at heart and has a lot of years left in her. we are more than blessed to have spent these years with such a great girl.  im also feeling honored to love and care for her thru these senior years. *sigh* must be the mama in me.    

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