Thursday, December 6, 2012

nest notes{seasonal favorites}

seasonally flavored teas are one of my fave things this time of year! during these cooler months we seem to have a hot mug of coziness in hand thru out the day. cozied up on the couch, knitting, snuggling, reading (esp a cup of herbal Honey Vanilla Chamomile in quiet after the girls bed time) watching a movie, etc...the brownsugars & i have tea in the afternoons sometimes with a sweet treat & maybe a little cream. if visitors stop by i love to have a hot cup of tea to offer.

last year i became obsessed with the Nutcracker Sweet tea but couldn't find it again this year. i tried the Trader Joes Vanilla & Cinnamon black tea & was super surprised that it came pretty close in flavor!

the very next day of course...i found my teas at my fave local grocery store & stocked up! {bummed i didn't realize the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea wasn't gluten free & didn't get to try it...was so looking forward to it!}

*testing out mobile posting with the new update :)

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