Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a glimpse into my [simple] summer kitchen

GF pasta with olive oil, butter, garlic & sea salt sauce topped with melty cheese. turkey meatballs & slices of ripe tomatoes from my daddy's garden.
chunks of melon & fresh juicy fruit of all kinds.
my daddy's tomatoes & veggies of all kinds. cool refrigerated hummus to dip them in.
i thawed out some brown rice & lentils i previously cooked & froze. topped it with cauliflower lightly sautéed in olive oil, curry powder & turmeric (quickly as to not over heat). 

lots of big salads topped together with anything cold & raw.
it is sooooo stinkin' hot here!
we are trying to re-acclimate ourselves to the heat we've been away from for the last 7 years. with no ocean breeze to blow away this awful one feels like cooking much around here. so we have been eating simple meals.
thankfully though we have moved back to the perfect climate for growing amazingly delish local fruits & veggies. 
bonus: i've located the kitchen boxes with my dishes & other kitchen necessities. once i figure out where everything fits (or does not fit), i will be back to good.

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