Thursday, November 14, 2013

we were so wrong.

shaver lake 10. 2013

we were so wrong.

we thought with this move that we were ready for a "little more city in our country". 
dont get me wrong, it has been kinda nice in some ways especially the conveniences: sidewalks. starbucks & Target like 5 minutes away in each direction. tons of shopping centers + a real mall like 5 minutes away. a grocery store across the street & a Trader Joes like 10 minutes. no predators or tarantulas. etc...yaaay!!!
just maybe not THIS much city! 

so far almost every weekend after soccer games on saturdays. we get ready as quickly as we possibly can & head for the nearest mountains in the nearby Sequioa National Park. as soon as we start seeing the nature we love & so desperately miss & as we hit the gorgeous mountains & pines at a certain elevation, we immediately start getting our happy back. after our busy weekly schedules in the city, the brownsugars are usually begging for a hike thru the forest, my husband has the truck ready & running & im running towards the door yelling "hurry up! lets get in the car & GOOOOOO!!!" 

living back in the city has also made me realize something i never have about myself: 
i am an actually an I N T R O V E R T! what?!?!??!!! 
i mean, i already knew my little fam was but moi?!?!!! 
i kinda suspected it a little more & more esp as i get older, but had no clue how much! YIKES!

so thank goodness for little weekends get-a-ways in the mountains for our little fam! otherwise i'm pretty sure this "little more city" business...would be absolutely insufferable for us!

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