Sunday, August 17, 2014

huntington lake

huntington lake 7.26.2014

summers are unbearably hot with terrible air quality here in the valley! bleh.
with no pool at this home, fires in the near distant mountains & add 
coming from 75° summers just a year ago on top of it all, 
we have been mainly suffering thru these scorching months indoors with the ac blasting. 

we needed a get away & took a little family daytrip to local huntington lake in search of cool enough temps to be outside, nature & cool clean water to play in. 
it was bittersweet seeing how low the lake water levels were due to our current california drought conditions, but it was still the precious nature we long for...& in its essence the beauty & refreshment we were craving.

ps. crazy summer & trying to catch up on some summer memories!

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  1. My husband's family used to own Lakeshore Resort up there (for 2 generations), so his mom, aunt, and uncle "grew up" on the lake (well...just in the summer).