Thursday, July 5, 2012

water weekend .day 1.

watery deep to watery deep is calling at the sound of your waterspouts.
all your breakers and your waves-over me they have passed. - Psalms 42:7 
(my new fave scripture, even though the Psalmist was referring to his thirst for the Living God (v.2), 
it reminds me of that same thirst i have yes, but also my thirst for the beach!!!)
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friday 6.29.12 oceanside jetty

last weekend ended up being a weekend of water.
& maybe one of my faves so far this summer.
two days, two different places & two different types of water.

after being cooped up in the house most of the week the brownsugars & i needed to get out. at the last minute we put on our flippies, & swimsuits, loaded up the car & met friends 20 mins away at the nearest beach.

hours of friends, warm california sunshine & beach.
doesn't get too much better than that.

*weekend of water day 2 

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