Friday, July 6, 2012

water 2.

lake cuyamaca 6.30.2012

water weekend day 1 at the beach was abs perfect & day 2 was a hit too! one of the things i love about where we live is that we can be in many different types of environments in just a short drive (lake, mountains, beach, snow, city...etc...)

saturday we got up at 530 am & hit the mountains headed for the lake!

usually i let Daddy/Daughter fishing day be their alone time. But this time, last minute, i took the fam up on their invitation. even though i am the anti-fishing girl, i decided to go hang out & see what the lake biz was all about. i packed a bag full of reading & art materials, a pillow, a blanket, a chair & a big sunhat & hopped into the truck.

it was an lovely drive thru the mountains & an beautiful sunny day out. the pretty lake, clear skies, mountains, trees, boats, rocks, ducks, critters all of it. my faves were the bright orange dragon flies. peace & quiet & beautiful nature all around.

ok. but it completely amazes me how many hours & hours my brownsugars (or anyone else) can sit quietly & wait for a catch. any other time they cannot sit still, but this time i was the problem. (funny because i can sit on the beach quietly & watch the waves roll in & out for hours)

i snacked. i sat. i watch. i sat some more...well as long as i could anyway. then my oldest brownsugar told me i was talking way too much. so we packed up the lawn chairs & left the shore. they rented a boat & hit the lake with their fishing poles. it got pretty hot so i took my bag of goodies to the truck (parked in the shade) & read for hours & hours. (oh & snacked & napped a little too). 

the fam was so excited they caught 6 fish, saw friends out on the lake & got in their precious Daddy/Daughter time. i got to kick back, finish almost all my reading (way more than i would have if i would have stayed home & read like i planned) & i got my precious me time. it was a good trip for us all & still maybe my fave weekend of this summer yet.

*ps lake cuyamaca does have hiking trails which i planned to do but should have right when we arrived 1) it got too hot later in the day 2) i didn't feel safe going alone while the fam was out on the lake on the boat. live & learn...plan better next time!

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