Monday, October 25, 2010

3's dirt experiment. science & i have anything else to talk about {YES!}

3 had this cup of dirt sitting on the kitchen counter for MONTHS!  she kept planning & discussing this  "dirt experiment", but never could decide on what to actually do & how. among many other ideas, she thought about taking a few dirt samples from the yard & comparing them, but she couldn't figure out a good plan. or after many hand drawn attempts (shoulda took pix!) design the right tool (YES SHE'S FIVE) etc.... so in the interest of uncluttering my forever cluttered kitchen counter (aka the living kitchen lab), i threw this idea out there...cleverly disguising it as her own (she's not the only smarty!).

of course there was a whole lot of this
(warned you about the counter)

maybe now we are getting to the point...

this is a great pic of temptation

ummm NO! still  more of this...

ok so playing in the mud dressed up as a princess may very well have been the point...

the next day, after the dirt experiment settled...we discussed & analyzed our predictions & results.

here is a little snippet from her dictation (will spare you the entire thing) ::

Me: tell me what happened when you added the dirt to the rocks & water.

3 :: (with a devilish grin & thoroughly pleased) IT TURNED TO MUUUUUDDD!!! 

*AND YES* i realize so far most of my homeschooling post are based on science..but i do have some other fun stuff coming up.
*AND YES*  i do & will  have ALOT of other things than homeschooling to post about...but be patient none of them are ready for sharing just yet.

  1.  i was a science major & LOVE it! & it's just the way i roll.
  2.  kids & science are like peanut butter & jelly! these girls seem to be taking after their mama. & this is what this age is all about...if you ask me :)
  3. this early in the school year we are working on the rythmn of the classroom part of our school day.
at this point in our "brain training" there is some boring desk sitting in our classroom...some boring drill work, some foundational book much as i HATE to say it some structure...etc...mixed in with our fun.... it's just necessary with the way we school & the girls ages. then of course there are days like today where the rain makes us over sleep & unable to function properly in the morning & we dont get going until 11 am. it happens.
 BUUUT when we get it down & together (& everyone learns what to expect)... things loosen up a bit. & amazingly we FLOW! 

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