Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sorting thru some of our fave things

today as the girls did their school work i got carried away with my obsessive hobby :: sorting. im not really one for collections (except shoes, shells & rocks maybe) but for years we have adored & collected carus publishing mags. they are beyond fantastic quality learning/teaching materials for kids (adults too!)

science based ODYSSEY is one of our absolute faves!

no one ever reeeeally got into Spider enough to keep the subscription. though i think now that they are older & enjoy reading longer stories they might. i'm also thinking of adding Dig to our list for history enrichment.

Ladybug is our all time fave HANDS DOWN! i myself heart Molly & Emmett. we have some issues dated 2001. 

i pull out each months issues to read.

i reinforce the edges, weak or torn pages, etc...with tape. & i even re-glue the spines if needed. (TOLD YOU I LOVE THEM!!!)

"i want to find all the gross ones!"
science based ODYSSEY is precisely the mag for that. it has just the right amount of gross out factor for my kiddies.

FOUND IT!!! POOH her current interest. disgusting, but this child has a very curious mind...& loves to find as much info as she can no matter the subject!

magazine bin labeled by mag name & month.
soon each month will have its own bin. 
("Mom! Did you forget your label maker?!?" No Mia, usually i use my label maker...but i wanted to use these extras up & they will prob be removed soon.)

all of the past & present October issues gathered & ready for reading in one of my (many) favorite fair trade baskets.

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