Monday, October 18, 2010

{FIELDTRIP} beach adaptation study

a few weeks ago we spent seven amazing hours at the beach. it was hottest day in history here to date at 114 degrees, which in our house with no A/C was unbearable. we suffered through some math work at home as the temps rose. then said FORGET IT!!! packed up & headed to the beach.
the beach is one of our fave classrooms. surprisingly the beach was packed with homeschoolers (during other schoolers time). we met new friends & it was one big playdate. this particular beach is nicknamed "mommy beach" which meant i actually had a swimsuit on out in public! mostly just us moms & no one cared. we stayed in the refreshing water the entire time.we packed up our school box to go, but never took it out of the car. regardless, it was still a school day & an educational trip so we did a lot of observing along with our playing.
the next day at home we were beyond exhausted, still hot & muggy. our classroom is the hottest room in the house so we brought our classroom to the front room couch in front of a fan. for science we discussed (compared & contrasted) & studied some of the animals we observed at the beach. (surprisingly it may have been the most involved discussions we've had yet) we have been studying animal habitats & "adaptations" they need to survive in them. we listed the animals we saw at the beach &adaptations they were created with in order to survive in their aquatic environment. *

exhausted bodies schooling on the cozy couch 
animals we chose for our discussion & write ups
dolphins (ex: streamline aerodynamic bodies)
clams (ex: shells, filter feeders)
pelicans (webbed feet & torpedo shape for diving)

for the kinder...stuffies rounded up for her dictation & drawings
other resources:
various books
each other
poetry the one above that i love. adding to the memory work list.

* discussion of adaptations was also a way for us to carefully dispel the notion of evolution as an explanation for the way each creature perfectly suited with their particular adaptations for their environmental needs. we also discussed that adaptations are one way animals/we were divinely created for their protection & provision.

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