Tuesday, November 30, 2010

back home but whatever happened to FALL? {rushed}

anyone else feeling rushed?
maybe it's because we never really get or got fall here.
it's my fave season. my season for relishing every last moment. i live the entire year for fall.
 i LOVE wearing my Uggs, beanies, sweaters, layers, blankets,cool brisk air, soups,hot drinks, leaves changing, pumpkins & squash, baking,  absolutely ALL things fall.
bummer we just skip right over it in So Cal...it's always spring here. 
no leaves changing, always 70 degrees, no apple farm visits, pumpkin patches in shorts (just not right, why bother) we didn't even have our harvest party this year, etc... so we go visit fall. 

 so sad this year we hardly even acknowledged my old friend fall. didn't even exist. we only went to visit fall twice. once was last week for our trip back home. 
BUT when we got there, it was already WINTER!  rain, freezing cold temps, so unexpected we didn't even pack coats.
 Thanksgiving Day flew by. DONE! Black Friday insanity (not for me thanks!). DONE! & like overnight on to the next holiday already...what is the rush ?!? where is my relishing?!? geez!
 now we're back home in sunny So Cal. its all warm & sunny everywhere, even though it seems like almost every other state is already onto winter. paradise right. so why am i complaining?
 we ended up having one of the most fantastic family vacations we've ever had...(didn't start that way!). LOTS & LOTS of family & friends. plenty of pix. happy, fulfilling & exhausting!
but I'm still feeling kinda ripped off about the whole fall thing. guess there's nothing else to do, but hurry it up get over it & move right along like everyone else in the world. or be left in the onward & forward mover's dust.
 i'll just have to embrace this 70 degree winter...in my flippies & tank tops...at the beach *sigh*.

ok kiiinda kidding. we've been having unseasonably record low overnight & morning temps here (fantastically warm & sunny day temps).
i am wearing my Uggs. we have a morning & evening fire going...but only because our house has no heat (or AC) & we have an entire house of polished concrete floors & counter tops...which we LOVE! but its cold in here.

{beautiful fall photos taken in Julian}
 *back in town, happy to be home, the sun is shining. we're trying to hurry up get back in the swing of things & on to the next...like everyone else in the world ... ok well kiiinda...we want to relish in our laziness a tad longer :)

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  1. love the pics Deb, so much can said for simple pleasures..