Friday, November 5, 2010

quinoa, kale & the color orange

we've been having one of those INSANELY busy weeks. actually, i'm making a delivery & we have an away soccer game tonight so it ain't ova yet. BUT we have a much needed mellow weekend planned & i have reinforcements coming. with a week as such everything else has been neglected.
so today...i must cook & clean.

 {quinoa,kale & the color orange}

usually i make a pot of quinoa & a pot of brown rice & store them in the fridge to be used when ready. i've been lagging but today i did. after i turned the heat off the quinoa i added a few leaves of chopped kale & let sit to steam. i cook the quinoa according to the pkg directions. you can also cook the quinoa in chicken broth to add more flavor.
i made enough quinoa & cooled it to make this salad. black beans, corn, tons of kale & cilantro, chopped tomato, ortega chili's, scallion onions, olive oil, lemon juice, cumin & chili powder (all too taste). i REALLY wish our avocado trees produced! we scooped this salad up with tortilla chips. 
 this super hot & uncomfortable Santa Ana weather has us feeling orange & much that it inspired my cooking.
i roasted butternut squash, sweet potatoes & carrots in canola oil & a little salt. didn't want to season them too much because i'm using them for different things. 
  1. roasted butternut squash sauteed with kale, toasted pine nuts, sage, in garlic & olive oil over parm ravioli (when it cools off outside).
  2. i'm going to mash the squash & sweet potatoes up & top them with cinnamon, maple syrup, vanilla & pecans sauteed in coconut oil as a side dish when my company arrives.
  3. the carrots, some of the squash, different variety of kale, quinoa, beans & brown rice are going into a tomato & herb based soup.
by the way this Band of Horses CD is FAB to listen to while your cooking esp in the heat! this is my fave song.

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