Saturday, December 3, 2011

{5 around our house}

my neighbors have one of the most amazing sunny views
overlooking groves of trees & mountains.
the entire back of their house maximizes this view.
 our plentiful SoCal sunshine pours generous amounts of light into their home.
i edited this pic to make the contrast between light & dark more dramatic.
the girls & i  are working on descriptive writing combined with technology.
 the prompt assigned was light.
here is 1's (rough unedited)  & 2's (final) light prompt blog posts.
(BTW-they are fun to follow too...hint...hint)

{5 around our house}

1.currently loving::on PANDORA Zee Avi, Ernie Halter, Norah
                     Jones, BoyzIIMen, Esperanza Spaulding, Joss
                     Stone, Adele, Veggie Tales...sooo many!
                     *hot peppermint mochas {new fave}&
                     honeycrisp apple season
                     {MY ABS FAVE OBSESSION}
                     *warm fires(that i built by moi's self
                      mind you)snuggles under a blanket
                      & a shaggy little stinky brown dog
                      curled up at my feet. it's actually been
                      cold here (ok really cool). 
                      i miss the cold living in 
                      SoCal so i am thoroughly enjoying this!
2.currently reading ::[of the many]
                      *me-FINALLY finished The Dry Grass of
                      August & now reading Water for
                      Elephants. so far so good.
                      *1-is obsessively devouring The Hunger
                      Games. can't wait until i get a chance to 
                      read it & see what everyone is raving 

3.currently happy :: He & I got to go on a date! we don't
                      have childcare here, so on our vacation
                      last week we took full advantage & FINALLY
                      celebrated our anniversary (which
                      was actually in August). we had
                      a fun night of tailgating, football & tons 
                      of fun with friends & each other.  
                      i have super cute pic of us but i
                      promised Him i wouldn't share because
                      He was having an allergic reaction to
                      something unknown & one eye
                      was completely swollen shut. Poor Baby :(

4.currently relieved: that a certain shaggy little stinky 
                       brown dog AKA Prince Oliver Coco, after 5
                       long years is finally showing signs of
                       possible willingness to at least partially
                       loosely comply with the concept of     
                       potty training. maybe.
                       we're hoping ::
                       1.he's finally realizing that he would be  
                         THE abs perfect pooch if he would only
                         refrain from relieving himself in my
                         room...usually on my freshly cleaned
                         laundry! Grrr!
                       2.he realizes he will no longer have to
                         wear his grody indoor diapers among  
                         other grody things that come with!
                         win win for all involved...BELIEVE ME!
                       3.he realizes i would gladly stop
                         threatening DAILY to put his cute
                         BOOTY OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

5.current soup from my new a soup a week pinboard 
click on link for recipe 


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