Thursday, December 1, 2011

we are back & better be bloggie safe than family sorry

real quick.
we're back from our roadtrip.
trying to recover & get back into the groove.
we had such a GREAT time visiting with our family & friends. one of the best!
lots of late nights.laughing. mama's house.
pretty much lots of everything we've been missing!

while we were gone i had this bloggie on private. eventhough our little bloggie was intended as our fam scrapbook (since i dont scrapbook much), i LOVE sharing little snippets of our lives that i'm comfie with, with other people. i think it's fun.
this bloggie may currently only have a small number of public followers, but it has had a big increase in regular (private/anon)traffic recently.
which again makes me a super happy girl & i welcome it, BUT some things got a little creepy, so...i went on a little freak out & decided to make some changes & clean our bloggie up all around.

here's a few of the changes:
  • i changed all of our names (yes on each post & comments). i changed my profile name. the girls are now known as 1 (oldest), 2 (middle) & 3 (youngest). which BTW i actually think is cool. Hubs is now Him, He, or some variation. from the beginning i regretted using our real names. i hope i caught it in time (creepy people).
  • i tried to remove any indication of our actual location.
  • i removed this bloggie from major search engines.
  • i'm also simplifying the nit-picky stuff (ex: labels, extra (DUMB) posts, etc...) & getting ready to print my post into our fam scrapbook.
call me paranoid, but when it comes to my fam fam...i'd rather be bloggie safe than family sorry. 
our five around our house coming soon :)

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