Sunday, December 11, 2011

{wintercrafting}super simple globes

we filled clear fishbowl globes with:
 acorns the girls & i collected here,
cinnamon sticks
vanilla scented potpourri
vanilla candles
golden bells
(there are other bits of golden color that cannot be seen in the photo.)
super simple!

later the scent can be refreshed with scented oils, citrus peel, or adding fresh spices. 

we shared these with the master teachers, the horseback instructors & friends. everyone loved them.
each remarking on the natural beauty & how they completely capture fall/winter!
they totally got it!

we center our crafting around the seasons instead of holidays.
our projects seem to automatically be drawn too & involve natural elements. especially those found in our local environment.
 attempting to intentionally connect our life & life's rhythms with our natural environment & the changes each season brings, helps keep us in appreciation of this amazingly beautiful world that was so lovingly created for us to live in
(& RESPECT!!!).
no matter what season.

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