Friday, November 18, 2011

{five around our house}

a few zinnias are left hanging out in the garden. to start off her busy morning visiting the chickens & bunny, 3 brought this one in & put it in a vase for me while i was making breakfast. she said it looked like fall...she knows fall is her mama's all time favorite. {sweetgirl}

1.currently loving ::spending most of this week at the horse  
                      ranch with 2 because she won't
                      have lessons during the holiday.
                     (on top of soccer practices & make-up
                      games, workshops, conferences
                      bible study, errands, etc...)
                     *spending ALL of yesterday on the couch
                      after such a super busy week.
                      catching up on our DVR, magazines &
                      catalogs, napping & doing 
                      absolutely nothing. 

                     *popcorn sprinkled with nutritional
                      yeast obsessively about 3 pm everyday. 
                     (beats french fries!)

2.currently reading :: [of the many]
                      *us-the Incredible Journey on CD.  a
                      fantastic story to learn about the concept
                      of anthropomorphism. listening along to
                      the reader tell the story of the journey of
                      the three animal companions helps emphasize
                      the concept & the effect the writer
                      achieves in using it.
                      *this post - such an amazing writer.
                      we used this post to discuss & identify
                      descriptive words & foreshadowing in

                     *me-the book of Nehemiah (finally left Ezra)
                      still The Dry Grass of August. sad.
                     (because i never actually sit down & read
                      it...much rather sleep these days)
3.currently added :: my pinterest button up top below my 
                       @brwnsugarhoney twitter button
4.currently happy :: vacation starts today. nothing
                       intentionally school-ish what-so-ever for
                                     2 WEEKS!!!
                       (didn't say nothing educational. we
                       are always learning. can't help it.)
                       cannot wait to see our fam in a few days.
                       its been FOREVER!
5.current soup ::
 {cannellini bean & cabbage soup}

click link or pic for recipe

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