Saturday, November 12, 2011

co-op{fall leaf crafting}

We began with a few activities like a short plant/leaf review lesson, plant/leaf vocab bingo game, stories about leaves,etc...
Then the kiddies were sent on a mission to gather leaves for fun fall crafting projects.

{leaf rubbing}
can't believe i deleted the pic of the finished product.
It was so pretty!
{leaf wax dipping}
one of the co-op kiddies beautiful display

We left the project open & everyone got creative.
Naturally, with the magical combination of imagination & curiosity we all began experimenting.
We dipped different objects,tried different techniques like dipping the leaves immediately in cold water which makes them glossy, putting different amounts of wax coating layers, adding glitter, dipping flowers, lots of ideas.
The girls & I brought our waxed creations home to make a garlands & other displays ideas.
We are going to do more dipping gift projects at home with beeswax.
(trying to find someone local willing to sell beeswax has been been quite a hunt)
* the fun didn't end here...until next post!

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