Saturday, November 5, 2011

restaurant. chemistry lab. TV set. all in our kitchen.

(out of sequence because i was trying to get the video to post)
both our plans a & b fell thru,so we happily stayed home & tied up some loose ends.
amazing things happen when you have time to let them. 
our kitchen was transformed into so many different things.
a restaurant
3 was super excited to finally be staying home. she knew exactly what she wanted to do & started getting her restaurant ready for business.
she completely ran the show.
she made her own menus & prices.
took all the customers orders.
rang us all up & gave us our change.
i received 50 cents in change because my order was $2.50 & i gave her $3.00.
my order.
she was even the chef who prepared all the restaurant food.
we had the best nachos with black bean, corn & avocado salsa.
very happy customers.

science lab
after the restaurant closed our kitchen turned into a chemistry lab in which we scientist experimented with chemical reactions & changes of state in different types matter.
first we predicted what chemical reaction or physical change we thought would happen before we mixed the red cabbage juice powder into the cup of baking soda & water.
no one guessed blue.
or red when we mixed citric acid to the other cup of baking soda & water.
or that an hour after adding the polyacrylamide crystals to each cup...
they would absorb the liquid & expand.
this science project was called
"Sunset in a Test Tube".
 Our crystals never really mixed & made layers of purple (but the blue crystals have turned green since)...we think they were still pretty.

TV set
after we closed the science lab our kitchen turned into a TV set for a commercial shoot. 2's writing assignment was to make a advertisement commercial. She had to create & write the script, direct & produce the commercial.
The product she was trying to convince her audience to buy was a racecar called "Cul8er". Not only was it fast & fuel efficient it also had many safety features.

Thursday was such a relief from some of the book & seat work we've been doing.
we've been so busy with so many other activities that we seem to be cramming in a lot of (somewhat boring) worksheets/book work simply because they are easy to take on the go.
Thursday was more our homeschooling style, but sometimes so life goes.
our activities are starting to wind down & i had to try to take some control of our time by turning things down, but we are all the better for it.
& we all feel better for it too.

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