Monday, November 7, 2011

{current love...cozy autumn drinks}

photo with recipe here 
(im totally clueless about the proper bloggie etiquette, but i found this image on the web & edited it slightly to match my other photos...but i gave credit where it was i hope its all good. if not someone please let me know!)

{current love...cozy autumn drinks}
Ahhh...fall is my abs fave for so many reasons.
hot cozy drinks, especially around the fireplace is one of them. 
on these cool days there is just something comforting about having my hands wrapped around a warm mug of anything.
these have been some of our fam faves lately.

1. hot chocolate with marshmallows, peppermint stir sticks & heavy on the whip. DELISH!

2. hot spiced apple juice black tea (slowly heat apple juice or cider w/star anise, cloves, cinnamon, allspice berries, etc...& add a black tea bag to steep). super yummy, warm & cozy!

3. pumpkin spiced anything especially lattes! i'm currently in love & obsessed! i really MUST try this recipe.

*the girls are dilly-dallying & dragging their feet with their schoolwork today...i'm sitting beside them with a few minutes to try some stuff on here:
  • loving the new header pic (i LOVE the golden leaf & the red wellies!!!)
  • new posts style
  • different topics (life beyond just kids stuff, sisterly sundays, etc...) 
  • playing with new photo styles as i learn & practice photo editing
  • ramblings...if i can find what works i may just combine my two blogs(the other)

*when i started this blog i didn't intend for it to become only about the homeschooling aspect of our crazy little beautiful life.hope no one minds me having a little fun & trying out new things.

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