Sunday, November 13, 2011


How can the bird
that is born for joy,
Sit in a cage and sing...

*we are currently obsessively fascinated by the book Skellig on CD (we're purchasing the book this week).
the magical story itself
combined with being read in the author's accent are both haunting & completely captivating.
one the characters, Mina, is an homeschooled (& i assume unschooled girl).
one of the most brilliantly captivating character i've ever experienced i'll even dare.
i very much love the way her character portrays her families free, creative lifestyle & choice in their way of learning so beautifully & confidently.
William Blake's images, words & philosophy are prevelant thru out the entire book (prompting more research).
this all coming at the time when i've decided to wean us off of the textbooks more (meaning almost completely), opening the way for the amazing things that happen when we do.
Skellig (David Almond) has reaffirmed my courage & trust in us to do so.

*i love the girls young spirit in these pix.
free birds. 
their sense of total freedom, happiness & security.
(eventhough they found a snake skin where they were running around barefooted...they still felt safe!)
after co-op, the girls decided to hunt for owl pellets & it turned into this ::
they climbed. they dug.
they got completely dirty.
they imagined & pretended.
they explored.
they discovered.
they smiled & laughed & laughed & laughed.
& no matter the ages THEY PLAYED!!!
no one could get them to leave.
no one wanted them too really.
*p.s. all caught up on my co-op posts now :)

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