Friday, November 11, 2011

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this post super late, but i'm trying to catch up to speed.
 This year we joined our 1st ever homeschooling co-op & we are LOVING it!
The co-op host family converted their garage & yard into an amazing learning environment for the kids.  
3 introducing herself to the group using her All About Me Poster.
The kids always have opportunity for public speaking or Presenters Club if they choose.
  Our co-op days have such a natural, kicked back energy & flow to them.
The kids do a variety of educational activities(or even just play every once in a while...which is totally ok too). 
They all have so much fun.
I teach science (which depending on the ages of kids in attendance can loosely consists of a brief lesson, story time, amazing discussions, current events, hands on crafts or food projects & experiments...more posts coming soon)

Because my name means "the bee" i introduced myself & my 1st class with a lesson about bees. Afterwards, the kids made their own bee butter (peanut butter & honey) with honey pretzel sticks.

* more co-op fun to come. i just wanted to give a brief introduction & share a few that we found our niche & are fully committed to it.
 (& not before i asked & received the other parents permission)

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