Wednesday, February 6, 2013

nest notes{my current fave winter beauty products}

my current fave winter beauty products.
1. nail tek II (sally's beauty supply. use after the primer)this winter made my nails so dry that they would not stop splitting & peeling. CURED! this is such an AMAZING product!
2. gud vanilla flame (target) by burts bees. i'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this subtle warm vanilla scent for winter (or anytime really). i can't handle strong fragrances & this one isn't overpowering, it moisturizes & i smell super delish w/out all the yuckies!  
3. neutrogena naturals (target)i just started experimenting with this line but so far i'm loving it. basic, gentle, clean & again not so many yuckies.
4. boots radiance renewal night serum (target) my winter skin was extremely dull & extremely parched. although it's not AS clean as i'd like, this serum under my moisturizer has help brightened me back up! (along with homemade scrubs with ingredients such as honey, oatmeal, avocado, brown sugar & facials oils with vitamin E, jojoba, olive oil, etc...)  
5. shea moisture (target) both of these products have helped moisturize & condition our dry brittle winter hair. no yucks & we love the yummy smells!
6. nature's gate tea tree & blue cypress deodorant stick (whole foods i think???) i switch deodorants during the seasons (i think it helps product to not lose the effectiveness btw). this is my fave for winter when my body doesn't perspire much. it does the trick, it's clean, again i love the smell & no yuckies!

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