Wednesday, February 20, 2013

weekending. idyllwild.

Jeffries Pine tree bark smell like vanilla
 2.2.2013 Idyllwild
"get everyone ready...we're going on a road trip."
hubby's text to me in the morning. after a 1 hour & 45 min car ride to the mountains we arrived at one of our new fave places! we have been wanting to visit Idyllwild for a while & finally got our chance.
we checked out the Idyllwild Nature Center, hiked the grounds & did some geocaching. we drove around sight seeing & then got out to explore the downtown on foot. we found a campsite to bring our Airstream back too (excited!). & of course my battery died with so much left to see.
it was a crisp & chilly evening & we grabbed a hot drink at Higher Grounds coffeeshop. students from the Idyllwild Arts Academy were outside performing (such awesome talents!). most of the businesses were closed but we walked up & down the streets looking in windows, chatting with friendly people taking their doggies out for an evening stroll (such a dog friendly town) & picking out places we can't wait to visit on our next trip.
this quick post does not do Idyllwild or our visit any justice, but this is how i described it : "such a cool funky artsy hipster urban country mountain the beauty, the vibe the whole thing...sooo much more to explore". we decided that this will be our spot & will be spending much more time there!
ps. this post took 3 weeks to fully upload...Grrr!

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