Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my {totally necessary} fave & un-fave reasons i failed being coffee free

so on day 11 & 13 of being coffee free i failed for two necessary reasons.

day 11 - sunday...weekend coffee date. {my fave reason}
until day 11 i totally rocked...all tea, even on our long road trip! weekday mornings, hubby usually makes a pot of coffee, pours it all in his thermos & takes it all to work with him (when i was drinking it daily, he'd pour & leave my little cup out for me & take the rest). on weekends though, for years my sweet hubby has made a morning pot of coffee. after breakfast, we'd both pour our cups, linger at the table together, read articles, chat, catch up & re-connect over this weekend cup of coffee. it has kind of become our sweet little weekend coffee date tradition. our weekend coffee used to be the only cup of coffee i'd drink all week but i always looked forward to it for the date-y date part. yes, i suppose i could drink tea instead & i have but it's just not the same. this weekend even though it was only a fourth of a cup, it was again, my 1st coffee of the week. i added a little cream, i sat at the table with my man & enjoyed our little weekend coffee date. with our schedules being ever more crazy, sometimes he's gone on weekends or we are too busy, so its cherished & necessary couple time. these weekend moments are what the taste of coffee reminds me of, why i love & crave it (oh & YES how i savored the taste i've missed!)

day 13 - today...migraine day 3. {my un-fave reason}
once a month i get a regularly-scheduled-hormone-induce migraine. never fails. a coffee & tylenol cocktail is my migraine remedy. after 3 days of this sucker enough was enough & thank goodness for my migraine remedy cocktail! bleh.

so there it is...two reasons i failed & probably will never be completely coffee free. reason number one will always be my fave & reason number two will always be my un-fave, but both reasons are totally necessary.
so yes, moderation & i already can't wait until next weekends coffee date! *smoochie face*

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