Friday, June 25, 2010

Exotic Plant Sale:: Resendiz Brother's Protea's, Rainforest Flora, Rojas Succulents

there were supposed to be 4 parts to the Exotic Plant Sale post (part 1 & part 2), but i only ended up with 3. i LOVE plants & flowers, i could have broke the bank at this sale.

i did come home with a few of these FAB pincushion Protea. They get more than 5 feet wide & high. i cant wait to use them outside my courtyard wall. My battery was pretty much dead by now, so this was it. this young salesman was the best in knowledge & customer service, wish i would have gotten his name.

cant wait to use these in a bouquet

the info for this vendor was removed so if he finds me i hope he indentifies himself
i wanted these sooooo bad, but my only shaded area is over planted already. the salesman was so proud to show how amazing they are with the light shining thru the leaves

i LOVES these beautiful twins

the rich carmel colored leaves

staghorn ferns never cease to amaze me. they seemingly grown out of the middle of nowhere

tillandsias :: air plants, the birds always carry mine away

dont know what this one was, never seen it before, but it intrigued me

this woman is so talented. we have many varieties of succulents growing in this area. my creative juices are flowing!

i loved the Exotic plant sale. there were so many many beautiful plants & landscaping ideas. eventhough i didnt come home with EVERY plant i saw...i came away with tons of inspiration!

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