Monday, June 28, 2010


the girls & i went shopping. such a special treat for each of them to have their VERY OWN gift cards. it used to be just the toy aisle but now of course that means browsing & analyzing EACH & EVERY aisle including electronics, acessories, & cosmetics. we were exploring one of my favorite sections :: THE BOOKS & we found this little gem we had to take a few minutes to read.
 Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes is about a little cutie named Birdie who has the most fashionable mama with THE most POSH closet! (2 out of my 3 girls dream mama) Birdie cannot wait to wear FAB high heels like her mama. with her mama's permission to explore her amazing closet...Birdie discovers the perfect pair of shoes for cute little girls. 

then of course we hit the shoe aisle. so much fun for my little miss Birdie who cant quite seem to  find what she's looking for in her practical mama's closet

always with the zebra!

fierce yes...walking hmmmm???

ok these bad boys deserved a side shot!

the other little miss Birdie just a few footsteps...i mean high heeled steps behind

talk about growing up waaaay to fast...but a girl can dream cant she


  1. Where have you been?? It's like you dropped of the facebook of the earth!

  2. Deb, its Craig Bishop ..... missed you on FB and wanted to stay in touch if thats ok.
    If you want to, send me a message through "Friend Connect" on Google and I'll pass on my email address. (I've followed your blog so you can message me through that).
    Otherwise, take care my friend and enjoy everything :-)))