Wednesday, June 30, 2010

first ever girlpowered camping trip to the sequoias :: our first day

my family planned a camping trip to Cedar Grove in the Kings Canyon Park & Sequoia National Forest. He had to work so at the last minute my brilliant self decided :: hmmm instead of  missing the trip just because He has to work...why don't i take the girls on our 1st family tent camping trip EVER 8 hours away (wait make that 10) all by BAD SELF!!! great idea right? see me smiling?

He packed us up & had to leave for work super early, so we met in a parking lot to grab some things we said  our last goodbyes (maybe forever).  YES we are are still smiling

back seat smiles

luckily i was able to connect with one of my aunts who helped me drive after about 4 hours. about 6 hours later...we arrived (pic out of sequence b/c it was taken at the end of trip). the drive up to the campsite alone was one of the most amazing scenic drives I've ever taken. surrounded by natural beauty from all sides, it was an overwhelming treat for each of the senses.

turn left for the most picturesque & beautiful campsite & what turned out to be the best camping/family experience EVER!!! (albeit our first as of yet)

words could not begin to express the overwhelming beauty of creation we were surrounded by. nor the gratitude we felt towards the loving Creator for allowing us the opportunity to experience it

the back of our temporary little sequoia filled home site (thanks K for taking care of the tent set up for us clueless beginners)

our first nights meal. i made turkey chili, cheddar biscuits, & Mediterranean orzo salad.  my salad was a variation of this one. i added cucumber chunks & finely shredded kale. in the last minute rush i forgot the artichoke hearts & feta

cousins & campfire

camp cuties all cozied up, no one missing daddy too much yet, & all still smiling. little did we know how F R E E Z I N G  C O L D the night was going to be
or that the next would be even C O L D E R! Brrrrrrrrrrr BUT this being my first outdoor camping trip in a decades...i didn't sleep anyway. luckily melting winter snow was making the King's River swell, rush, & roar outside our campsite so loud it drowned out most of the night time noises. first day/ night as novice girlpowered tent camping team...a-better-than-expected-success!

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