Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Fun:: KIDCHELLA at the new children's museum in San Diego

we went to the new children's museum of san diego for the 2010 KIDCHELLA concert. in addition to the variety of live music playing, there were so many exciting things to see & interactive things for the kids to do.  WARNING: lots of pix!

wish we had our own bouncy rainbow

funny we were just learning about the Trojan Horse in history
(dont worry, they made it out alive)

these amazing balloon creatures hung over head in the ceiling. you just HAVE to see these for yourself in person

muscle powered race track

this was a "living" table with plants & figurines under glass. there were also toys on top that you could play with

the girls did a little recycled materials nest project

3's birdie                                                        2's birdie

bubble fun

the concert! dancing to our fave Hullaballoo

we had to-o much fun and there were to-o many pix to post. even of the architecture & design of the fantastically designed urban industrial - style building  alone that i didnt post...hmmmmmm part II perhaps...

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