Monday, September 6, 2010


the little chickie girls are starting to roost. it is such a good laugh to sit & watch them learn. we sat for a long time laughing & giggling as they fell over & slid around trying to balance. i took TONS of cute pics...but i think it's one of those things only a mother can i'll spare you.

Little Acorn & Fluffy Cheeks are top students in the advanced roosting class
{notice anything new? BIG GIRL FEATHERS!}

practice making perfect

we helped them out by adding a stick. that's where we find them most of the time now. all lined up side by side & sitting pretty.

*these stinky little chicks had to leave the classroom & are outdoors now. POOCHIE! the girls will be charting their progress & doing a chicken lapbook to share soon.

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