Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Grammy bought the girls this bubble gum making kit & today we felt like trying it out for science
after preparation (although we did not use many of the items the instructions called for), following instructions, observing changes of state in matter by heating & cooling (solid to liquid then back to a stickier & somewhat solid glob), combining compounds to form a mixture, a ton of KNEADING! binding molecules, trouble shooting (think we over did the corn syrup, needs more flavor, etc)... this sticky little gum like blob still needed some tweaking & finishing touches
kneading was very hard work!
testing & trying to find the correct consistency...too hard...add hot water
after a few taste test we found a good formula
FINALLY! our own Watermelon Wham handmade gum. alot of work BUT FUN! the flavor of the final gum product didnt last very long, so the next batch we may try adding more flavor.

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  1. could you blow bubbles deb? nice family times :)