Friday, September 17, 2010

redeeming last nights DELCIOUS dinner

fresh & healthy breakfast to make up for last nights dinner
breakfast :: sliced strawberries, peaches & pluots w/ vanilla yogurt & cream of wheat
dinner :: {healthier] DORITOS PIE!!!!

OK let me redeem myself for last nights dinner by showing today's healthy breakfast first :)

sliced strawberries, peaches & pluots. i always slice up the ones you wouldn't choose out the fruit bowl first (the ones with soft spots, shrivels on the skin, etc...) which are a little riper, tend to be sweeter so there is no need to add any sweetener...but not as fresh & pretty looking.

served with organic low fat vanilla yogurt sprinkled with wheat germ & hot bowl of cream of wheat. NOW please remember what a good mother i am!

LOTS of healthiness to make up for THIS BAD BOY ::

BUUUUT  a healthier version of it.

Thursday is the big girls on-campus workshop day, one of 1's & His soccer practice nights & Bible study night so it calls for EASY din & this was it. this season the weather here begins cold in the morning, warm & sunny during the day & ends cold at night. so last night really called for something warm & cozy

healthier DORITOS PIE
{again let me say I'm not good with recipes, i cook everything to taste, but I'll try to make it clear & easy. need something clarified...just ask}

1. in oil brown meat (i used canola & turkey) enough according to your size family. for the 5 of us (with left overs) i used about 1lb. with onion, bell pepper, & taco seasoning. 
{if you use beef you may want to drain fat so it doesn't come out too greasy. with turkey i keep some of the fat & add a little water when adding the taco seasoning to help soak up the flavor}
2. after it is browned, add tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, green canned ortega chilies, can of corn & beans
{*i used kidneys, but i do love black beans. the beans are a money saving tip to help the amount of the dish go a little farther. *this time i did not have stewed tomatoes so i used a can of tomato paste instead...we liked it better b/c it was a little sweeter & we don't like big chunks of tomatoes.}
3.crush Doritos or any kind of seasoned nacho chips on the bottom of your baking dish. i used a 9x13 glass baking dish.
4. top chips with meat
5. then sour cream
(*i used plain yogurt...see HEALTHY!!!)
6. top that with cheese
7. next sprinkle sliced olives & cilantro on top & a few crushed chips if you like.
(*instead of on top, i crushed a few extra & put them on the plate first then topped with the casserole for a little crunch.)
8. bake covered @ 350 degrees for about 45 mins
(can bake uncovered for the last 10 mins if you want the top browned)
9. let set for about 10 mins.

*serve with scallion onions, salsa, avocados, guacamole, more fresh cilantro, radishes, chilies...OH & of course a nice healthy bed of salad greens ;)
*good filling dish for football parties, potlucks & leftovers

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