Friday, September 24, 2010

{please excuse my little fit of frustration}

{please excuse my little fit of frustration}
this is me right now! Boooo!
  1. Blogger changed the pic uploading process & now i cant upload my pix the way i know how. i haven't figured out how to post pix of all the fun stuff we have been up to lately yet. like pirate week photos, plant & garden study & baking (attempts!).
  2. cant upload my Friday Flowers that i love so much. oh the cursed blessings of technology!
  3. my life aka my Blackberry is definitely on it's last & final leg. the tracking ball & all the teeny components fell out on the bottom of my purse (has been replaced a few times). i keep sticking it back in & try to use it, but it just wont cooperate. I've been in denial & holding on but it's been janky for waaay too long. poor thing wants to die & already looks like it did a few times, but i LOVE my BB & don't want to let it go. plus my service provider doesn't carry this exact phone anymore...& i LOVE THIS EXACT PHONE!!! 
  4. i have an irritating little cold, not too bad, just enough that is stealing my energy to get things done. coffee is not helping & i REALLY need to get stuff done. exciting opportunities are opening up for me & i need to be functional right now DANG IT! (luckily i found some educational videos for the girls...i may nap alot today)
  5. out of cold is 30 minutes away!
  6. along with the cold i have a sun allergy rash all over my face. constant itching makes me look like a dog with fleas.
  7. found snake number 3. second in two weeks. interestingly they have all been different kinds, but the same size & age. a dear friend told me that snakes mean blessings & i love that. snakes are cool & everything,  i just don't like that they are so close to our personal space. the other evil rat snake was right in front of the classroom door that leads out to the garage. my girls use that door ALL day long barefooted & it seems it is always wide open. this new specimen is sitting here on my counter for observation & identification. good snake...let it go (away from my house somewhere). dangerous snake...pass it onto my neighbor (for the safety of my family & my sanity). so far this one is really sweet...but i wont name it...although someone did suggest Petunia & i REALLY like that name...NO STOP IT!

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