Thursday, December 16, 2010

a few things a girl may need when exploring backyard mushrooms

sometimes a girl just dont need no stinkin' text book!  TO THE BACKYARD! 
sometimes a smarty big sister IS needed though
& your very own very scientifical ladybug magnifiying glass...
& a pair of well loved very scientifical cowboy boots that used to belong to said older sister
  & your own very scientifical investigating stick for prodding stuff you're not sure you are supposed too...or even WANT to touch with your the "skills"you didnt know mushroom caps had underneath...
{when 3 was telling Dad about her investigation she said her "mushroom had skills!" HILARIOUS!}
  & especially when you find that the center of said mushroom is infested with a nest of tiny wiggly white wormy larvae...that totally gross your mama out...
& you too! 
 so you decide that sometime nature is just  beautifully disgusting...
& that was enough of that!

*parent teacher conferences tomorrow morning at 8 am & then we are ON VACATION!!! so excited b/c us girlies have a lot of making to do.

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