Thursday, December 16, 2010

2's The Cay Island Party

The day before winter break 2's workshop class had a tropical island themed party to celebrate their completion of the book The Cay.

they had tropical snacks & made crafts.
the students were asked to bring something found on a tropical island.
instead of ...lets say a pineapple or girl wanted to bring an animal.
 we have many choices.
she really wanted to bring Zoingo her grumpy beardie,
but we decided on the treefrogs. Oliver (the frog...not to be confused with Oliver our dog) was showing his bright blue color & amused the kiddies. Sisco was in complete contrast showing stark white & hiding under the moss. 
[not sure who snapped this shot with my digi]
2 & her workshop teacher...LOVE this woman!!!
me & my girl. 
by this time i had driven to the campus 4 times & all the way back home 3 times with one more trip to go. look at my face...cant you tell?
the things us mamas do for love :)

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