Wednesday, December 8, 2010

kitchen science{it's like butta baby}

{it's like butta baby}

yesterday for science we discussed & experimented with changes of states of matter (liquid to solid) by making butter.
sometimes these changes in state take a lot of forcing despite the simple ingredients!
all four of us took several turns shaking (agitating) the jar about a million times.
 a million more to go...
 VIOLA (finally!)
(after draining all the buttermilk i put the butter back in the jar & shook it around to smooth the shape)
our creamy & fresh homemade butter was delish for din in corn, on breakfast bagels, sourdough toast & eggs, tomato, cheese & turkey bacon scramble.
we all had fun (hee hee).
it was 3's first time making butter so it was funny to see how amazed she was to see the liquid cream turn into a solid ball magically right before her eyes (like...what just happened ?!?). 

*so excited to find out that our charter school will let me print out my blog posts as work samples. YAAAY!

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