Thursday, December 9, 2010

mixing it up with grammar fun

look! i'm not talking about science for a change!
(conference week is coming up & i have to gather all our samples. so glad the charter teacher is letting us use blog post for samples. hope to mix it up though.)

* first i was soooo excited to find this post @ active-alert...not ADHD kids. explains soooo much @ my girl & i now can further my research.

i was looking for fun ways to enrich grammar. something to help the definitions (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc...) sink in & stick for Miss 2 (3rd). wanted a break from our regular cirriculum & texts. 
(for writing among other things we use writing strands)

*luckily i found this Having Fun with Grammar post & we did indeed have fun with Grammar!

* 3 (kinder) played grammar games with beginning & ending sounds; rhyming & ordering & following directions at PBS kids Between The Lions.

* this post was fun for 2's age Teaching Grammar with Mad Libs. LOVE Mad Libs. we also enjoyed watching the School House Rock vids on parts of speech (look for them). my all time childhood fave is the Conjunction video!

* this was one of 2's mad lib results. the colored words are the words she used for the parts of speech they asked her to plug in.

Read your tale.

 Kids in Space
(by 2)

What if you lived on the International Space Station? Imagine your normal day as it is now, but in space!

In the morning, you get up at 230 and get dressed in your space skinny jeans and space tshirt. There is no gravity in space, so you float into the kitchen to eat your breakfast of dried hotdogs, hamburgar in a tube, and smashed up chili in a plastic space container. Then, instead of taking the bus to school, you hop into a motorcycle and orbit Earth 543 times.

In the motorcycle,you do little science experiments such as determining how good a(n) horse is at climbing in space. When the experiments are done, you go outside the motorcycle for some exercise in space. You ran outside the motorcycle for an hour or more. When you are done exercising, you go back to the International Space Station for other activities such as hiking, biking, and runing.

You end the day by sending a(n) girl to your parents via the space computer, and they tell you goodnight from Earth, down below.

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